The grapes were too good to be true?

If you know the story of ‘The Fox and the Grapes’ the moral read ‘The grapes are sour’. Some other versions of this defence mechanism to make you feel better when you don’t get what you want in the real world of sly foxes (people) amuse me.
If the love of your life leaves you for another, ‘I didn’t want my babies to look like her anyway’ and if you didn’t get through a job interview, ‘Thank goodness they didn’t hire me, life would suck if that receptionist was the first thing I saw every morning’.
This world we live in is no place for heavenly things. The fox never gets the grapes and so many times we are forced to live with something we hadn’t wished for. But instead of disgracing the grapes of our failures, let’s think of this in another way. Let’s admit that the grapes were too perfect for the fox and this world couldn’t accept such perfection. Let’s just blame it on the world! (No this thought sucks for a conclusion)
Either you suffer going by the above or BE THE GRAPES! Sour, sweet, whatever.. have fun watching the foxes walk away with whatever moral they like.
So what are you? Fox? Grapes? Sweet fox? Sour Grapes?


Prince Harming- It was meant to be?

Some things like true love and physical abuse are meant to be. Just like boredom & YouTube videos, they go hand in hand. One complements the other perfectly and it was all meant to be.

I know you probably think the screws in my brains need some desperate fixing, but wait for the justification. Is there a vegetable you hate? I hate tomatoes and will break into every sandwich with if suspicion strikes. Some people I know hate green peas and will knock out everything that looks like a ball and is green in their meal.

Why would you keep something you hate? Why would you let go of something you love? Do you love being abused?

Understood, vegetables are easier to deal with. But, you can’t expect to be charmed for the rest of your life with someone that is out to harm you.

Oh yes, if tears, fights and disrespect is what you were looking for, it was truly meant to be!

Can write, can’t read?

If you’re one of those people that have a flair for writing, but have a mind that can’t stay focused beyond the first two words of a book, thank you for reading this far. I’m one of those who loves to put my thoughts into writing, but can’t get myself to read most of the text I see (Astrology in love signs is an exception).

It surprises me that people actually read novels that are as fat as most girls assume they are. No, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a thousand pages of a story that could have been told in five minutes.   It’s just that I prefer stories that begin with ‘Once upon a time..’ over something that begins as abruptly as it ends.

I wouldn’t dare to read further if the first line read, ‘When he emerges from the bathroom, she is awake..’ Maybe that first sentence followed a series of things that made up for the ‘Once upon a time..’ bit in the story. Maybe I’m just lazy.. (Yea, literally… I’ll stop right here)


Are we all just chicken?

As much as I relish them, it hurts me sometimes that chickens are so helpless. I wonder how they got universally accepted as the bird that is meant to die for us and our taste buds. Yes most of us love them, but only after they’re dead. Ok now before you think this is about their heroic sacrifice to better our meals at parties, let me shift focus to the actual thought here. Are we all just like chicken?

In case you didn’t know, a man who ‘accidentally’ fell into the other side of the zoo got eaten alive by a tiger. He kept making hand gestures begging the animal for his life but ended up being served as a mere meal. Sad as it is, it got me thinking. We are all as helpless as chickens to so many other creatures on this earth.

If we weren’t smart enough to build big cities, we’d probably be what we were originally meant to be. A part of the food chain, where we would be just as chicken as the chickens we ate.

Doughnuts- The ultimate answer to terrorism?

Switch on to a news channel right when terrorism strikes and they’ll give you what you want. Disturbing bits of information flash along with details of the ones that caused it. Much like entertainment don’t you think? An actor does fantastically well in a movie and soon there’ll be a lineup of interviews ready to put him in the spotlight, for you to see. But what if you didn’t want to see him?  What if you were more interested in doughnuts instead of Brad Pitt?  I think everything is designed to give you what you want and by this I don’t mean that you want terrorism.

Just today a news channel aired this special episode featuring a couple of underworld personalities. They rolled out their lives like giving us lessons in history. Made them seem very important because of all the ‘fear’ they spread around. It reminded me of when my mother mentioned the ‘Buddaa Man’ every time I tried to flaunt my talent on the walls with her lipsticks. What if I chose to share my doughnuts with the Budda man and make him my friend?

I happen to believe that terrorists are attention hungry, like little children that won’t quit throwing tantrums till they finally have that flying Spiderman toy or i phone 6, whatever works these days. What if the parents just fed them doughnuts till they gave up?

Maybe if we quit making them feel so ‘wanted’ they’ll give up

Maybe if we stop fearing them, somehow they’ll stop

Maybe if we don’t pay so much attention to them, Terrorism will come to an end..

(Oops..! Did I just give them attention by writing this thing?)

The day I dream of

The day I dream of