What could this mean?

When I decided to write this, it means that I’ve been thinking a lot.

1. When you see dark clouds and hear the sound of thunder..
It means that it’s going to rain. You should probably prepare yourself to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and stand by the window, watching drops of water trickle down.

2. When it gets difficult to button your pants..
It probably means you’ve gained weight. There are two things you could do, first of which requires you watch a hundred motivational videos before you finally have the courage to hit the gym. Or you could simply buy bigger pants.

3. When a cat wags its tail..
It means that the kitty hates your face and you should probably disappear.

4.When some one says they love you..
They probably don’t. The second you hear these words, turn around and run pal! Keep running away till it seems like you’re enjoying a jog alone. If you still find them standing behind you, share a doughnut together or something. They probably don’t mean it.

5.When you realize they mean it..
Stop running you fool! It’s time you stay..


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