How old are you?

Age is nothing but a feeling and I feel I belong to a different age group everyday. In fact each day, I have several age moods.

In the mornings, I behave like a person in their mid-twenties; rushing,
trying to pull myself together and hoping I make it to work on time. It’s my career
that’s most important in the mornings and I try my best to not mess things up.

Towards afternoon I feel like a child, weighing all my decisions that brought me to
this office desk. I start to think about all the wonderful things I imagined doing
instead of staring at a computer screen, hoping nobody sends me emails. I begin to
think whether this kind of a life was meant for me.

Come lunchtime and I turn into a 35 year old, content in life. Not too young and
restless, not too old and wise- Just plain content knowing that life is fine, I have a
job that pays and at the end of the day I’ll just live.. My colleagues seem like good
people and this routine seems comfortable.

A message from a friend telling me about her worries and I become a grandmother
with all the good advice I have to give. It really makes me feel like life has taught me
a lot in the past years. Old and wise is how I feel..

My pillow has me thinking of things i never knew existed. A teenager takes over
my mind and makes me think of every little thing. The good things make me blush
and the bad things make me feel like it’s the end of the world.

One last blink before sleep kicks in and I feel my age- ’23’. I’m happy with
everything I’ve been through and I’m ready for tomorrow!


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