Dive in, you’ll live?

Every time I have to cross the street, I tell myself, ‘Dive in, you’ll live..’. That doesn’t mean I won’t die, that simply means I’ll live..

There’s every chance of getting hit by a truck but that doesn’t mean you’ll never get
to the other side of the road. You just dive into the situation and do it; that’s the only
real way you’ll learn anything. What’s life without learning, it never stops. You live a
little more every time you learn something new.
-You could learn to always speak the truth so you never have to worry about getting
creative with lies.
-You could learn to connect with people beyond small talk and smartphones.

-You could learn to be thankful for every jar of Nutella you finish

-You could learn to forgive the ones that didn’t follow you back on Instagram

-You could learn a new skill (I’d be a hypocrite if I don’t learn how to swim by the end of this year)

Now I wonder why the chicken crossed the street? And the answer my friend is
TO LIVE! If the chicken didn’t learn to run away to the other side of the street, it would’ve probably been marinated in a million sauces before hitting the frying pan.

You’re just like this one brave chicken that went down in history for crossing the street. Of course nobody wants to marinate you in sauces and fit you in a frying pan.

Think of it this way- if there are things you want to do, they are waiting for you on the other side of the street. You just have to move, you just have to breathe. Do this my friend, dive in and trust me you’ll live!


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