Do cats really meow?

Like any other day, I was serving myself dinner at 3am, when suddenly I turned around and saw Simona (My Labrador retriever), Mylo (Unidentified breed that looks like a cow, acts like a fool and is a dog) and our new friend Madame (A kitten). All three of them lined up with that sad homeless look on their faces wanting my food.

While the canines had their full concentration on the plate that went from the kitchen table into the microwave oven, the kitten danced around making the noises she makes. Then all of a sudden I heard it! This little thing had ‘Waaaow… waaaaow.. weeooow’ coming out of her mouth. And I thought to myself – What if cats actually ‘Wow’ instead of ‘Meow’.

Maybe like misheard song lyrics and the people who thought the earth was square, we have been getting it wrong all this while. Hmmm.. But if you think of it, cats don’t really seem like they give a damn about most things happening around them. What then would make these extremely chilled out felines go ‘Waaoow.. woow..’ at everything they see. Maybe it is a sarcastic ‘Wow’, just like Madame (the kitten) responded when I told her about the idea behind this whole post you just read.

This is Madame

This is Madame


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