Ruins are beautiful?

Except for perfectly good cell phones that turned into useless junk (because of reasons best known to the victims), every other ruin I see is beautiful to me. Have you ever entered an abandoned building? You see an empty place with broken windows, a few things maybe and then you start to wonder what this place was before it was destroyed. Places like these tell a story and anything that tells a story is beautiful to me.

Why talk about buildings.. Have you never known someone who once was admired but now lives in ruins? More than pitying what they’ve turned into, you think of how they used to be. Soon follows a very interesting story you love to share. They become a story, they are beautiful to me.

Everything you’ve lost turns into a tale that must be shared. There may not be happy endings, but beauty? Hell yeah!

P.S: In case you’re interested in my not so beautiful ruin, read below.

If you’ve ever had a cell phone that was lost or damaged, my heart goes out to you. These kind of stories are always tragic.

My phone fell of the 9th floor of my apartment building because I decided to sit by the window to get some inspiration for writing a short story. And this story ended with my phone lying on the street, broken and gone. I was one tear away from marking this ruin with chalk like a crime scene.



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