It seemed like the perfect day for her to leave; she had lived this day a million times in her mind. She had already packed to say goodbye to all that was behind. Just like before, it seemed sure this would be her last day in a place she no longer knew.
She lay down in her usual spot, the only corner that was familiar with her goodbyes. Gathering all her thoughts, she recited a farewell speech in head; one she wished had an audience. It began with questions that had an answer she didn’t like. So she stopped right there and decided to leave without a conclusion to this rant that often haunts her peace.
Then without another thought she unpacked to check if there was space for some more. She danced across her room to see if she could fit in another story. Soon her rant turned into a circus of imagining what could be.
Much like two lovers, she and her heart prolonged this goodbye like they always did.


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