What could this mean?

When I decided to write this, it means that I’ve been thinking a lot.

1. When you see dark clouds and hear the sound of thunder..
It means that it’s going to rain. You should probably prepare yourself to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and stand by the window, watching drops of water trickle down.

2. When it gets difficult to button your pants..
It probably means you’ve gained weight. There are two things you could do, first of which requires you watch a hundred motivational videos before you finally have the courage to hit the gym. Or you could simply buy bigger pants.

3. When a cat wags its tail..
It means that the kitty hates your face and you should probably disappear.

4.When some one says they love you..
They probably don’t. The second you hear these words, turn around and run pal! Keep running away till it seems like you’re enjoying a jog alone. If you still find them standing behind you, share a doughnut together or something. They probably don’t mean it.

5.When you realize they mean it..
Stop running you fool! It’s time you stay..


Are you immortal?

So many people in your life are dead and you don’t even know it yet. If you’ve stopped thinking about someone, consider them dead. Death to me is not physical at all.

Some other souls live on even after their bodies have given up on them. If you’re still thinking about them, they’re still a very big part of you. They are alive in every sense, they’re alive because of you.

No, you cannot feel them anymore. But believe me when I say you feel their presence more than anyone else around you.

You may never be able to hear their voice. But trust me when I say they are like a beautiful song that continues to play on your mind, long after it has been paused in reality.

I know it’s a little difficult to change the way you perceive death, especially if it took away the ones you loved the most. But try if you must and think about this in another way.

There are two kinds of deaths – One kind where people leave you while they’re still breathing and the other where people stop breathing, but they never really leave you.
And I don’t see any reason to be upset about anything that stays with you forever. It the one’s that leave half way that you need to worry about..

P.S: This one is dedicated to my dear friend Bartho. You deserve all the goodness in life!

How old are you?

Age is nothing but a feeling and I feel I belong to a different age group everyday. In fact each day, I have several age moods.

In the mornings, I behave like a person in their mid-twenties; rushing,
trying to pull myself together and hoping I make it to work on time. It’s my career
that’s most important in the mornings and I try my best to not mess things up.

Towards afternoon I feel like a child, weighing all my decisions that brought me to
this office desk. I start to think about all the wonderful things I imagined doing
instead of staring at a computer screen, hoping nobody sends me emails. I begin to
think whether this kind of a life was meant for me.

Come lunchtime and I turn into a 35 year old, content in life. Not too young and
restless, not too old and wise- Just plain content knowing that life is fine, I have a
job that pays and at the end of the day I’ll just live.. My colleagues seem like good
people and this routine seems comfortable.

A message from a friend telling me about her worries and I become a grandmother
with all the good advice I have to give. It really makes me feel like life has taught me
a lot in the past years. Old and wise is how I feel..

My pillow has me thinking of things i never knew existed. A teenager takes over
my mind and makes me think of every little thing. The good things make me blush
and the bad things make me feel like it’s the end of the world.

One last blink before sleep kicks in and I feel my age- ’23’. I’m happy with
everything I’ve been through and I’m ready for tomorrow!

Dive in, you’ll live?

Every time I have to cross the street, I tell myself, ‘Dive in, you’ll live..’. That doesn’t mean I won’t die, that simply means I’ll live..

There’s every chance of getting hit by a truck but that doesn’t mean you’ll never get
to the other side of the road. You just dive into the situation and do it; that’s the only
real way you’ll learn anything. What’s life without learning, it never stops. You live a
little more every time you learn something new.
-You could learn to always speak the truth so you never have to worry about getting
creative with lies.
-You could learn to connect with people beyond small talk and smartphones.

-You could learn to be thankful for every jar of Nutella you finish

-You could learn to forgive the ones that didn’t follow you back on Instagram

-You could learn a new skill (I’d be a hypocrite if I don’t learn how to swim by the end of this year)

Now I wonder why the chicken crossed the street? And the answer my friend is
TO LIVE! If the chicken didn’t learn to run away to the other side of the street, it would’ve probably been marinated in a million sauces before hitting the frying pan.

You’re just like this one brave chicken that went down in history for crossing the street. Of course nobody wants to marinate you in sauces and fit you in a frying pan.

Think of it this way- if there are things you want to do, they are waiting for you on the other side of the street. You just have to move, you just have to breathe. Do this my friend, dive in and trust me you’ll live!

Do cats really meow?

Like any other day, I was serving myself dinner at 3am, when suddenly I turned around and saw Simona (My Labrador retriever), Mylo (Unidentified breed that looks like a cow, acts like a fool and is a dog) and our new friend Madame (A kitten). All three of them lined up with that sad homeless look on their faces wanting my food.

While the canines had their full concentration on the plate that went from the kitchen table into the microwave oven, the kitten danced around making the noises she makes. Then all of a sudden I heard it! This little thing had ‘Waaaow… waaaaow.. weeooow’ coming out of her mouth. And I thought to myself – What if cats actually ‘Wow’ instead of ‘Meow’.

Maybe like misheard song lyrics and the people who thought the earth was square, we have been getting it wrong all this while. Hmmm.. But if you think of it, cats don’t really seem like they give a damn about most things happening around them. What then would make these extremely chilled out felines go ‘Waaoow.. woow..’ at everything they see. Maybe it is a sarcastic ‘Wow’, just like Madame (the kitten) responded when I told her about the idea behind this whole post you just read.

This is Madame

This is Madame

Ruins are beautiful?

Except for perfectly good cell phones that turned into useless junk (because of reasons best known to the victims), every other ruin I see is beautiful to me. Have you ever entered an abandoned building? You see an empty place with broken windows, a few things maybe and then you start to wonder what this place was before it was destroyed. Places like these tell a story and anything that tells a story is beautiful to me.

Why talk about buildings.. Have you never known someone who once was admired but now lives in ruins? More than pitying what they’ve turned into, you think of how they used to be. Soon follows a very interesting story you love to share. They become a story, they are beautiful to me.

Everything you’ve lost turns into a tale that must be shared. There may not be happy endings, but beauty? Hell yeah!

P.S: In case you’re interested in my not so beautiful ruin, read below.

If you’ve ever had a cell phone that was lost or damaged, my heart goes out to you. These kind of stories are always tragic.

My phone fell of the 9th floor of my apartment building because I decided to sit by the window to get some inspiration for writing a short story. And this story ended with my phone lying on the street, broken and gone. I was one tear away from marking this ruin with chalk like a crime scene.



It seemed like the perfect day for her to leave; she had lived this day a million times in her mind. She had already packed to say goodbye to all that was behind. Just like before, it seemed sure this would be her last day in a place she no longer knew.
She lay down in her usual spot, the only corner that was familiar with her goodbyes. Gathering all her thoughts, she recited a farewell speech in head; one she wished had an audience. It began with questions that had an answer she didn’t like. So she stopped right there and decided to leave without a conclusion to this rant that often haunts her peace.
Then without another thought she unpacked to check if there was space for some more. She danced across her room to see if she could fit in another story. Soon her rant turned into a circus of imagining what could be.
Much like two lovers, she and her heart prolonged this goodbye like they always did.